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No matter your business stage; pre-revenue or post-revenue, we will connect you with mentors and funding to accelerate your vision.

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How it works


Startups who want to raise capital sign in to the ventures platform and get access to education, investors and tools.

Draper Startup House

We do the heavy lifting and match investors and startups that have a good synergy. Startups also get support through our network and education.


Investors get access to high quality deal flow and keep up to date with the startups that come through our global network.

For Startups

Helping every single entrepreneur and every single startup

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We are NOT a fund

DSH Ventures is a global syndicate created for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs receive better access to funding, while helping to cultivate a network of entrepreneurial growth.

The Draper network provides access to venture capital funding and the ability to submit pitch decks to the Draper Venture Network, which has 23 global funds.

The current venture capital model CAN and SHOULD be disrupted.

Raise capital beyond geographical borders through our worldwide network.

Bring focus back to your business as we help source your perfect investor match.

Gain instant access to our global startup community the Draper Entrepreneur Network.

We are Global

We help syndicate your startup to our wide-ranging list of investment partners, whether it is in your local community or on a different continent. 

Our partners include accelerators, incubators, Angels, VCs, PEs, niche investment firms, alternative debt firms, consulting firms and corporate investment arms who are interested in various opportunities - not limiting themselves to physical borders.

  • Austin, TX, USA
  • Australia
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Bangalore, India
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Koramangala, India
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Manila, Philipines
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Singapore
  • Yangon, Myanmar

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For Investors

A network of investors with exclusive global deal access

The DSH Ventures community is an instant worldwide network of investors who receive exclusive deal access, participate in online pitch sessions, attend investor mixers at our nine DSH locations, and participate in online and in person events that give a whole new definition to the term “community”.

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We're Invested

Global Investment Community

Be a part of our global community of investors and receive access to exclusive deals, while also contributing to a new global ecosystem.

Quality Vetted Startups

Once a recognized DSH Ventures Partner, one of our Ventures Associates will connect you with quality referred and vetted decks from around the world.

Presence Beyond Borders

DSH Ventures provides opportunity to invest in startups beyond physical borders, as well as gives our partners a chance to invest alongside the Draper Venture Network.

Are you interested in becoming a global investment partner?

Be a part of our global community of investors and receive access to exclusive deals, while also contributing to a new global ecosystem.

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