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A place for startups to get funded and supported throughout any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.
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Find a hostel that you can stay with like minded individuals. You can travel the world to explore, learn and do anything you set your mind to.
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Learn more about entrepreneurship, personal development and much more through the power of project based learning.
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Entrepreneurship is difficult. We understand the trials and tribulations you go through to achieve your dreams. We share, learn and support eachother.

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We have several online courses helping you sharpen your tools to found better companies.

Learn how to test your ideas and ensure you have product market fit prior to raising money

Learn the in's and out's of the fundraising process, term sheets and lingo to ensure you're prepared

Access dozens of templates for fundraising, pitching and product development (Coming Soon)

Get interactive feedback on your assignments as you work through the content remotely



Experience the startup ecosystem - invest in startups, learn about entrepreneurship, and find a hostel that you will love!

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Here's what we do

Entrepreneurs need a place to stay. In over 9 countries, we provide amazing hostels for you to sleep, work and best of all meet like minded people.

There are skill sets needed to be successful as an entrepreneur. We're determined to make this as accessible as possible for you.

Some companies need some funding to get off the ground or to scale to their full potential. If you need funding, we're here to help!

A slack group to chat with like-minded people and also arrange networking sessions with people globally..

This is our conference brand where we host virtual and physical events with some of the best speakers from across the world.

Entrepreneurs need a healthy, nutritious source of energy to keep themselves going . Our food will keep you fueled and ready!

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Introducing, our new special membership tier for you to unlock more benfits to empower your entrepreneur journey.

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We've made it affordable for any entrepreneur so that we can make as many people successful as possible.

What's Included:

Unlimited Access to the Entrepreneur Certificate content and support

Monthly Webinar / AMAs with experienced entrepreneurs for more tailored support and information

#Angel slack group which will have premium support and help. If you have a question, our expert entrepreneur panel will answer it!

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Start your journey

Join today and tell us about yourself.
We can't wait to meet you!